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 December 17 2014
 Location : Bali
 Hari raya Galungan

Galungan Galungan days : Celebration of the creation of the universe , held on Wednesday the pawukon 11 week ( dungulan ) this days symbol lizes the victory goodness ( Darma) over the evil ( a darma )
for this celebration all hindu in bali have decorated long bambu poles ( in bali we call penjor )the penjor will put on right  corner of enter gate , Galungan  ARE you will see many barong dance on street , the will visit each house bali, The mean  ceremony in galungan , peaple pray at family temple to thank to god for their giving of life and prosperity 

December 27 2014
Location : Bali
Kuningan Day

  Kuningan days : This ceremony taken place ten   days after Galungan days is special for the celebration, on kuningan  the offerings  especially the rice in the offering in yellow n each corner of the building  or shrines hung decorated hanging ( in Balinese language call Tamiang  )



October 1 - 5  2014
Location : Ubud
Ubud writer Festival

After a wonderful 10-year anniversary celebration, the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival sets its sights on 2014 and looks forward to the 11th Ubud Writers & Readers Festival, October 1–5, 2014.

October 04 2014
Location : Bali
Hari Raya Saraswati

Saraswati, the day is devoted to the manifestations of God as Goddess Saraswati, goddess symbolizing knowledge Knowledge, Art and Literature. On this day, books of knowledge, manuscripts and Wedas blessed and special offerings made ​​to them.





March 21 2015
Location : Bali
Hari raya Nyepi

Nyepi, this is a new year for Hindus in Bali in the new year called caka, No activity, no traffic at all on the road, no fire could burn for 24 hours. Purification of large and sacrificial rites are held the day before so as to ward off evil spirits from every corner of the island.


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