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March ,8 2014
Location : Bali

saraswati"Saraswati" holiday, the day devoted to Sanghyang Aji Saraswati, when blessing ceremony is held for noli scriptire, books of art, knowledges and sciences, and people pray for wisdon and wits, throught Bali




March 31 , 2014
Hari Raya Nyepi , Tahun Baru Caka 1944
Location : Bali

Nyepi, This holiday is the Balinese New Year called icaka New Year, the day of total silence throughout the island. No activity, no traffic at all on the roads, no fire may be lit for 24 hours. Great purification and sacrificial rites are held the day before so as to exorcize evil spirits from every corner of the island.




March 19- 23 , 2014
The 7th Annual Balispirit Festival
Location : Ubud

The 7th Annual Balispirit Festival, The BaliSpirit Festival is a spiritually charged event that celebrates yoga, dance and music and the synergy of global cultural collaboration through the arts.
"One of the top 5 yoga festivals in the world"~ South China Morning PostA vibrant, energetic celebration; reputed as "one of the world's leading lifestyle festivals." Join 2014's only Bali event combining over 100 daytime health and wellness workshops, nighttime concerts, healing arts, eco-marketplace vendors, and more.



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